Flexible + Unbreakable + Back Pocket Friendly

Made in collaboration with futures fins, BYRD'S pocket comb is designed and manufactured  in California utilizing a versatile composite from futures' legendary surfboard fins.  This material is durable, flexible and comfortable to use with all hair types.


  • BYRDIE, Best Combs for Men, 2020

Sulfate free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Vegan friendly
Cruelty free

Recommended for

Keeping in your back pocket and car for those pesky flyaways.

Not recommended for

  • The No Hair Club...we do make a great Bodywash though
  • Grooming your pet! Although we do love our BYRD Mascot, Sander the Pup

Slick Tips

  • Sometimes we love a ruffled feathers look but when you're feeling a little more polished or need an afternoon slick trick, run our Pocket Comb through your tresses.
  • Spray Texturizing Surfspray on towel dried hair, slick Matte Pomade throughout hair and polish with Pocket Comb.