What's behind the name BYRD?

Inspired by our Founder, Chase Wilson, his nickname on surf team was Big Bird! Ever since then, the name just stuck and BYRD was born!

Where are BYRD products made?

BYRD is manufactured in sunny, Southern California!

Where do you sell your products? I’ve seen them at all kinds of different stores.

BYRD products can be found at different retail locations both in the United States and Internationally. If you would like to find the closest retailer to you, please use our FIND A RETAILER tab on byrdhair.com and plug in your zip code.

What's the nitty gritty behind your products? Are they filled with chemicals?

We are Cruelty Free, Vegan, Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free & Sulfate Free

Do chicks use Texturizing Surfspray?

Hell yes! We encourage our BYRD babes to try out Texturizing Surfspray. Use it to style hair for effortless, beachy waves. For guys and girls, Surfspray can be used on towel dried or dry hair.

I don’t know how to surf, can I still use your products?

BYRD products are inspired by the effortless gentleman and 60’s surf culture. We are a brand rooted in the sun, salt and sea but our products are made for everyone with any kind of hair, style, interests or age.

Can I use your shampoo and conditioner if I color my hair?

Yes, you can! Our Shampoo and Conditioner is Paraben and Sulfate free and can be used on color treated hair.

Hey Newport guys, can I get a free surf lesson?

At BYRD we take customer service seriously, so stop by our Newport office and barbershop, The BYRD’s Nest. Get a slick cut, grab a cold one and we guarantee you, one of us is always ready to paddle out.

I’m not sure what pomade would work best for my hair. Help!

Hey, we get this whole pomade decision is tricky. We can be a bit of a commitment-phobe too. We suggest consulting our Hair Help chat box, at the bottom of your screen to consult our customer service team. Or check out our pomade product page how-to videos. Still confused? Consult our Hair-Do guide.

I have sensitive skin, will your face wash or bodywash break me out?

All of our formulas are made with mild ingredients to be gentle on skin. As with all products, we suggest trying out a test patch first.

Are BYRD products tested on animals?

No, BYRD products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

What does your distribution look like?

BYRD has built a track record of success in premium distribution. Key retailers paired with a growing e-commerce business through our website as well as Amazon, CVS and International.

Is BYRD a part of a bigger company?

No, BYRD is a family owned and operated business.

What came first the Surfspray or the Pomade?

Classic Pomade was the first pomade formula to launch BYRD that our Founder Chase developed when he started the company. A wax based formula, he felt he needed a product to cater to his active lifestyle as a surfer and athlete.

What’s the deal with your Founder?

BYRD’s Founder Chase Wilson was a Pro Surfer from 2009-2015 for Analog (owned by Burton) and Lost Clothing, Billabong and Quiksilver.

Did I see you recently in my hotel shower?

We are sold in two different hotels in their showers through their eco-friendly amenities program. You can find us at Hotel Erwin in Venice, CA and The Surfjack in Honolulu, HI. Tag us on @byrdhair if you find us in your shower! Make sure the photos are G rated, that would just be awkward.

What are the benefits of your subscribe & save option?

Free shipping, great hair products arriving right on time, ongoing discount, plus early access to new products.

I forgot my password for Subscription, how do I reset it to login to my customer account?

Enter your email under the "forgot my password" link here to reset it.

Can I cancel or change my subscription anytime?

Yes! Simply login to your account here to cancel or change your subscription anytime.

Can I change when my next subscription order will arrive?

Yes! Simply login to your account here to change your next delivery date.


More questions that need answering? We're "hair" to help. Drop us a line via email or call our support line between 9am - 3pm pst. at 877-350-2973