Barber Approved

Backed by science, trusted by barbers. We make our dream products and tirelessly perfect them in the barbershop before they hatch into the world.

Clean Ingredients

Natural extracts combined with performance-based ingredients. We filter out the bad stuff so you're left with clean formulations that actually work.

California Crafted

Transportive scents and feel-good products designed and produced in California—where sun, salt & surf make for some of the world’s best hair.

Byrd Is The Word

“With Purifying Shampoo, sure it cleans...but use it for just-off-the-beach texture even if you’re coming from the gym.”

"Pomade for a more tailored look...when you’re at the office and when you comb it up for going out at night"

“The best pomade for keeping your hairstyle locked in, the best sea salt spray for thinning hair, the best body wash for staying in a beach mentality”

"Keep Dad looking his hair & car get all the TLC they need."

"BYRD Hair products are great for the well-coiffed men in your life."

"BYRD Hair's success is rooted in family ties, authenticity and planting brand flags across the country."

"BYRD's Clay Pomade is a classic...even with all the new ones we tried, we couldn't find one to top it."

Meet BYRD. We fly in the face of conventional grooming products and help you lay the foundation for a clean, functional routine that brings you closer to your best self. Our mission is to elevate your daily lifestyle with premium options that deliver effortless results.