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Matte Pomade

medium length hair | messy undercuts | short hair | stylish bed head |

What our barbers say:

This product is our go to for any thickness and length of hair. Matte pomade goes on the smoothest and has a creamy feel that suits any texture of hair. Clients style their hair with Matte if they want a casual-bedhead look, a natural looking side part or to keep longer waves tamed.
This is best used on more towel dried hair or completely dry since it is a medium hold. The more wet your hair is the less hold you’re going to get. We suggest using less is more to start, working through the roots and using your fingers for a lived in finish.

How to style this look at home:

Scoop out dime sized amount of product. Emulsify between fingers. Slick through towel dry hair. Style without care.

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Clay Pomade

all day hold | hard side parts | medium length hair | product_card | product_upsellpomade | short hair | short-medium hair lengths | structured hold | undone slick-back hair styles |

What our barbers say:

The strongest hold product we carry, Clay pomade is best known for a look that will get you through the entire day.
Clay can be used for slicked back hair, side parts and short textured hair.
Because of the strong and thick texture, you really need to emulsify the product between your finger tips to warm it up before applying it in your hair. A little goes a long way with Clay pomade so it is suggested to use on lightly towel dried hair for medium length hair or completely dry hair for short hair. Always apply roots to ends for your desired style and use more if needed. 

How to style this look at home 

Scoop out dime sized amount of product (a little goes a long way). Heat up product by rubbing palms together and apply from roots to ends throughout hair. Style with flair. 

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Texturizing Surfspray

adds volume | all hair types | casual style | curly hair | medium length hair | medium to long hair | textured hair | thick hair | works with thinning hair |

What our barbers say:

The holy grail of styling.
A barbershop favorite and our most versatile product! Texturizing Surfspray can be used for medium to long hair to create salty next day beach waves, to add extra texture, or to de-frizz curls on shorter hair.
This product can be applied to wet hair at the root for volume before drying the hair for a root boost. Surfspray paired with any of our pomades can act as a seal for a finished look. If you want purposefully messy hair, Surfspray can be used on towel dried hair or completely dry hair, by being applied with fingers and scrunching throughout your hair for a wake up and go look.

How to style this look at home:

Spray evenly on damp or dry hair. Style and let air dry. Blow dry to turn up the volume. Surfspray can also be used as a base for styling, adding beachy volume and texture. 

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