Tune in for a few words with our latest BYRD of Paradise- Lizann. Undercover Ninja, sour belt connoisseur, and handy woman... who woulda' thought?

5AM or 5PM? PM. 100%. Not a morning person.

5 O'clock shadow or cleanly shaven? Shadow..... unless you're Don Draper.

Can you drive stick? No.


Slizzard. Something I hesitantly  committed to on Instagram... Now nobody knows my actual name.

Song/artist always in the mix? Goodbye horses by Q Lazzarus is the first song that comes to mind. It's always exactly what I want to hear. A solid source of calm/feel-good for me (minus Buffalo Bill associations...no thanks to silence of the lambs. Actually, I love that movie).

As for artists, I couldn't survive without the good stuff. Jimi to Dylan to Zeppelin, etc. Need it all. 


Weird habit? I like to peel each of my sour belts into several longer strings before eating them. If I'm eating it in bites it's a rare occasion.

Hidden talents? I'm very good at and enjoy handy work. It soothes me for some reason. Gimme your shitty Ikea furniture!

College educated? Studied? Nosy Nancy! Chapman University... Graphic design.

What did you do last night? Watched OJ and made bacon... big night.

Favorite Instagram follows? @hungrybetches @hedgehogswearinghats


If you could be a guy for one day, what would you do? Pursue Penelope Cruz

What is your favorite word? Fresh. It's such a diverse word. From food to clothes to music, etc. Never fails.

Most valuable thing you own? Probably my TV hahahha.


Something you have tried, but will never try again? Shoot a shotgun. Noooot for me.

Favorite scent? A home cooked Italian meal in the works. Ughh just thinking about it, I want it now.

Weapon of choice? Ninja Stars!



Desert death

Paradise Puerto Rico

Camping glamping

Whiskey a go-go

Playboy mansion

Los Angeles ugh

Pistol  cowboy


FILM PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Adam Bartoshesky / Captain Barto / @captainbarto / captainbarto.com

MODEL: Lizann / @theslizzard

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