Tune in for a few words with our latest BYRD of Paradise- Natalie Boras. Master's degree, semi-professional cheetoh catcher, and a frequent flyer... who woulda' thought?


So where are you from? Laguna beach, CA


High school educated we are assuming? High school 2.9 ( I never went to school)
College Major and GPA? college (3.8 journalism) masters (3.6 entertainment management)

Friends know you as? Natamals duh


Song currently on repeat? Thomas Jack : rivers 
Song/artist always in the mix? Anything 90's. Obsessed with all genres of 90' music 


How do you like your man- 5 o'clock shadow or cleanly shaven? Scruffy 


You must have some sort of weird habit? Never drink the last sip of anything 
What about A Hidden talent? Toss and catch. My personal record is catching 33 Cheetos in a row in my mouth. 


The early BYRD gets the...? I will never know .. I am never early 


Mile high club? I don't kiss and tell but I am a frequent flyer. 


When the sun sets we could usually find you sipping on? Greyhounds 


1st Thing That Comes to Mind:
Los Angeles Palm trees 
Love a good adventure 
Hate to unpack 
Vodka grapefruit 
Whiskey tasting
Sunsets golden hour 
Sunrises long night 
New York City hustle
Travel sand and sea 
Sex kitten
Skittles and popcorn 
Strip clubs jumbos clown room 
BYRD to the sky 
James Dean Poster 



PHOTOGRAPHY & CREATIVE DIRECTION: Adam Bartoshesky / @captainbarto / captainbarto.com

MODEL: Natalie Boras / @natamals

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