About a year ago, The Flock was lucky enough to be invited by our new Japanese distributors to the marvelous city of Tokyo. And wow, did we have a blast. That first night, sleep was nearly impossible as it battled our excitement. Instead, we gave in to the wonder and watched as the eerie, dawn light change into orange and the sun rose over the enormous skyscrapers, illuminating the urban sprawl that stretched as far as the eye could see. An epic sunrise to start the trip… Perfection.

For the next five days we met with our new friends and they showed us their city, as well as a few of the surrounding towns and districts. They loved BYRD. The style, the origin, the product. All of it. They took us to beach towns and we were able to go surfing with our new friends. That's how this started and we wanted to show them our roots. The shops we visited were amazing. The best people in the world. We had dinners, we made toasts, and we drank Sake. A lot of Sake. 

Everyone of us left that trip with enormous smiles and relentless laughter looking back on the experiences we shared. And now, a year later, we are headed back to Tokyo with even more Flock Members in tow. We never thought anything could beat that trip last year, but we at BYRD are very fond of surpassing any and all expectations. And so, here are a few photos from the Japan trip last year for your viewing pleasure. And you all can follow our upcoming adventure via BYRD’s Instagram and Snapchat. Jaa ne!

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